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  • Dear Martina,

    This is Paola V. I am writing this card to say a big and happy thank you to you personally and to Dr Ioannis P. I am so grateful to you and to all your team for treating me so well, with such care that it is very touching. I have got my smile back thanks to you all, and I say that I’ve found the best dental practice in the world.

    Best regards, Paola

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    Paola V
  • To Martina and team,

    Thank you so much for your skill, patience and commitment to my gnashers! I feel so much better for your efforts. I am really pleased.

    Thank you Ann (M)

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    A Huge Thank You!
  • Hello dear Tracy,

    Please would you forward my thanks to Ioannis and Lana for all their hard work in sorting out my denture last week! It's fine and I'm getting the hang of removing it now!

    Many thanks!

    Best, Elaine

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    Many thanks
  • Good evening,

    I’d just like to say a big thank you to Ramandeep and also front of house (sorry I didn’t catch your name!) for sorting me out with an appointment at such short notice today.

    Now that the anaesthetic has subsided I am fully aware of what a great job he did on the filling and very much enjoyed our brief chat beforehand- glad to see you’re staying positive and offering exemplary dentistry in these trying times.

    I very much appreciate it, so thanks again.


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    I very much appreciate it
  • Dear Martina,

    Many thanks for the hospitality and the brilliant dentistry, I could not believe the transformation. The technique is painless, quick and the results amazing.

    You are certainly a gifted person, many thanks also to Joanne,

    what a lovely personality and so attentive.

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    Warmest regards
  • Dear Dr Syron,

    I was indeed pleasantly surprised by your kind effort in sending me (via my daughter-in-law) the excellent photographs taken of my son David’s teeth, and the gold fillings which I must have done 35 to 40 years ago!! You no doubt saw that I also removed his 8’s at the same time (as an American registered orthodontist) in order to remove the posterior-anterior pressure of these teeth seen in myself and his grandfather. In many years in Africa, I experienced much trouble with 8’s and wished to prevent it for my son.

    Yes, the gold fillings have stood up to the years very well haven’t they……. but we always knew it didn’t we? It reinforces the theoretical oligo-dynamic action they were supposed to have. I can’t remember if some were gold foil fillings, but we didn’t do many of them. I used to work on many American patients, and apart from having much admiration for American dentistry also experienced the longevity of their gold work.

    Now at the age of 85 and having been retired for 21 years, I experienced a pleasant reminder with the past from your letter and photographs. Thank you very much.

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    Very sincerely
  • Dear Debra,
    Thank you so much for giving me my 'real' smile back - I couldn't be happier with the results!
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    All the best
  • Dear Dr Syron,

    I am writing to you to tell you how pleased I was with my first consultation on the 13th March 2008. I have never felt so comfortable in the dentist chair and it was a pleasure to meet you. Unlike other consultations I have had I was able to relax because you explained the procedures and the probable outcomes. The advice you gave was also really helpful and in light of what you said I plan to make quite a few changes in regard to my sugar intake. As for the practice, it was immaculate and the staff extremely professional. I look forward to my second appointment for the Fissure Sealant treatment, which is scheduled for the 7th April 2008.

    I hope this letter finds you well and thanks for everything.

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    Thanks And Regards
  • Dear Martina,

    Here are some of the reasons I stay at your practice and make a twice-yearly trek from darkest Hertfordshire all the way toPimlico:

    • You're the only dentist I let near me with a drill without my mouth full of local anaesthetic. When you say it won't hurt it really doesn't and I can stay totally relaxed while you work on my teeth. That is also due to your professionalism and the calm atmosphere which you take such pains to maintain in the consulting room.
    • You run the cleanest dental practice I’ve ever seen
    • The staff are lovely and welcoming and always make time to chat because they realise patients may be nervous about their visit and need the distraction
    • It's near the Tate, so a visit to you can combine Dentistry and Damien Hirst
    • You've got a fund of funny and interesting stories
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    See you in November
  • Dear Dr Syron,

    On the eve of my return to Wales I would like to thank yourself and all the staff at Millbank Dental Care for the invariable courtesy and care I have always been shown as your patient over the years.

    Thank you very much indeed.
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    Yours sincerely