There is another images of Bonding Process

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This is some images of Bonding Process

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Case 1

The photos below are of one of our patients, who had a missing tooth at the front of her mouth.

Her adjacent teeth were in good condition, so we did not want to cut these down. A lovely simple solution was achieved by making an adhesive (‘Maryland’) bridge ,which is bonded on the palatal aspect (behind) of an adjacent tooth, so nothing shows at the front.

This technique involves no drilling just good impressions , an excellent dental technician,and careful bonding.

The patient was delighted, a pretty smile was restored, and that work has now been in place for ten years and still looks just as good.

Result: The following photo is of one of our patients who wrote to our prosthodontist Debra Simons after treatment – “Thank you so much for giving me my ‘real’ smile back – I couldn’t be happier with the results”

Case 1 Kerstin

Case 2

Wow! Incredible. I can’t believe the difference this has made – yet they’re still my own teeth, still look like my own teeth – and best of all it was totally pain free! Thanks Martina, I’m smiling again! Brilliant.

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Case 3

She was getting married in her mother’s home in ‘The Hamptons’ and was anxious that her teeth looked good amongst all The New Yorkers there. As her teeth were perfectly sound dentally, it would have been totally wrong and unnecessary to cut down healthy enamel. So I have carefully whitened her teeth a few shades lighter and bonded her lateral incisors to give her a more symmetrical and very glamorous youthful smile. No Injections! No Drilling!

Result: A permanent result which looks totally natural, unlike the ‘all porcelain’ look that veneers or crowns give which can actually look quite ageing in my opinion.

Case 3 Ethel