Dear Martina

This is just to say how grateful I am to the charming young man who did my root canal treatment on Wednesday – I was actually dreading it as several friends had said what awful experiences they had had but obviously not at Millbank Dental Care!
The whole treatment went very smoothly and was virtually pain free – even once the injections had worn off there was no pain and no need for paracetamol! Two friends just turned up in the afternoon to check that I was alright????? They were most impressed too!
Obviously I have always recommended your practice very highly and after this will do so more.
Please could you thank the young man – I am not sure of his name – he has done a brilliant job – I just hope the rest of the treatment will go as smoothly! I am back on the 14th!

Best wishes,

George was amazing – his delicate touch, precision and accuracy was impeccable more akin to a highly trained sculptor than some of my past experiences in dental chairs over the last 50years . His intermittent use of the drill rather than the determined search for a target was highly appreciated.
I have found my guy as they say !
If you are as nervous or as sensitive to the whole experience as I am George and Millbank are:
Very Highly recommended


Dear Martina,
This is Paola V. I am writing this card to say a big and happy thank you to you personally and to Dr Ioannis P. I am so grateful to you and to all your team for treating me so well, with such care that it is very touching. I have got my smile back thanks to you all, and I say that I’ve found the best dental practice in the world.

Best regards, Paola V

To Martina and team,
Thank you so much for your skill, patience and commitment to my gnashers! I feel so much better for your efforts. I am really pleased.

Thank you Ann (M)
A Huge Thank You!

Hello dear Tracy,
Please would you forward my thanks to Ioannis and Lana for all their hard work in sorting out my denture last week! It’s fine and I’m getting the hang of removing it now!
Many thanks!
Best, Elaine

Good evening,
I’d just like to say a big thank you to Ramandeep and also front of house (sorry I didn’t catch your name!) for sorting me out with an appointment at such short notice today.
Now that the anaesthetic has subsided I am fully aware of what a great job he did on the filling and very much enjoyed our brief chat beforehand- glad to see you’re staying positive and offering exemplary dentistry in these trying times.
I very much appreciate it, so thanks again.

Dear Martina,
Many thanks for the hospitality and the brilliant dentistry, I could not believe the transformation. The technique is painless, quick and the results amazing.
You are certainly a gifted person, many thanks also to Joanne, what a lovely personality and so attentive.
Warmest regards

Dear Dr Syron,
I was indeed pleasantly surprised by your kind effort in sending me (via my daughter-in-law) the excellent photographs taken of my son David’s teeth, and the gold fillings which I must have done 35 to 40 years ago!! You no doubt saw that I also removed his 8’s at the same time (as an American registered orthodontist) in order to remove the posterior-anterior pressure of these teeth seen in myself and his grandfather. In many years in Africa, I experienced much trouble with 8’s and wished to prevent it for my son.
Yes, the gold fillings have stood up to the years very well haven’t they……. but we always knew it didn’t we? It reinforces the theoretical oligo-dynamic action they were supposed to have. I can’t remember if some were gold foil fillings, but we didn’t do many of them. I used to work on many American patients, and apart from having much admiration for American dentistry also experienced the longevity of their gold work.
Now at the age of 85 and having been retired for 21 years, I experienced a pleasant reminder with the past from your letter and photographs. Thank you very much.
Very sincerely

Dear Debra,
Thank you so much for giving me my ‘real’ smile back – I couldn’t be happier with the results!
All the best

Dear Dr Syron,
I am writing to you to tell you how pleased I was with my first consultation on the 13th March 2008. I have never felt so comfortable in the dentist chair and it was a pleasure to meet you. Unlike other consultations I have had I was able to relax because you explained the procedures and the probable outcomes. The advice you gave was also really helpful and in light of what you said I plan to make quite a few changes in regard to my sugar intake. As for the practice, it was immaculate and the staff extremely professional. I look forward to my second appointment for the Fissure Sealant treatment, which is scheduled for the 7th April 2008.
I hope this letter finds you well and thanks for everything.
Thanks And Regards

Dear Martina,
Here are some of the reasons I stay at your practice and make a twice-yearly trek from darkest Hertfordshire all the way toPimlico:
You’re the only dentist I let near me with a drill without my mouth full of local anaesthetic. When you say it won’t hurt it really doesn’t and I can stay totally relaxed while you work on my teeth. That is also due to your professionalism and the calm atmosphere which you take such pains to maintain in the consulting room.
You run the cleanest dental practice I’ve ever seen
The staff are lovely and welcoming and always make time to chat because they realise patients may be nervous about their visit and need the distraction
It’s near the Tate, so a visit to you can combine Dentistry and Damien Hirst
You’ve got a fund of funny and interesting stories
See you in November

Dear Dr Syron,
On the eve of my return to Wales I would like to thank yourself and all the staff at Millbank Dental Care for the invariable courtesy and care I have always been shown as your patient over the years.
Thank you very much indeed.
Yours sincerely

Dear Martina,
It is with grateful thanks that I write to express my delight for the excellent work that you carried out for me. As you are aware, I have been fighting gum and bone disease for a very long time without success, albeit that I have been to several dentists! It was indeed fortunate that I read the article about your practice in the Woman & Home magazine that I am now free from discomfort.
I am also delighted with the rest of the procedures carried out, if only I had known of you years ago!
I can honestly say that I look forward to attending your clinic again and I thank you and your staff.
Yours most sincerely

Dear Martina,
In search of a perfect smile for my wedding day I had my teeth whitened and bonded and I was thrilled with the results. On such a happy occasion it was brilliant to be able to smile at my husband and all our guests with complete confidence – and I got rather a lot of compliments when I did!
(People were admiring my beautiful NATURAL teeth). Having had this done I could not be happier, and I would thoroughly recommend both treatments.
Many thanks

Dear Martina,
I am so thrilled with my wedding photos, and I wanted to thank you. The tooth whitening and bonding was a wonderful unexpected gift from you a month before the wedding – the photographer said he had never seen such perfect teeth! Well I love the results
Martina Syron & The Millbank Dental Care team have been a life -saver in terms of my teeth and me. Now I enjoy visiting the Dentist. I have had various treatments including, cleaning, check-ups, whitening and bonding. I’m really pleased with my teeth and love smiling wherever I am!
Thank you so much.

Dear Martina
Having first met Dr. Martina Syron as a “work experience” student, many years ago I was delighted when she chose to become a dentist.
I graduated from Sydney University, BDS in January 1954 and came to the UK in 1954 where I practised for many years.
I have been a regular patient at Millbank Dental Care for many years and I am very impressed by the care given at this surgery. I have confidence in the care and ability of Dr. Syron and her staff.
Dentistry is much more complex now than in my working days and the practitioner carries this heavy burden, cheerfully and well in spite of the demands of constant regulation.
Thank you so much.

Thank you so much Debra for giving me my smile back – I couldn’t be happier with the results!
My family and I have been registered now with you for three years and I thought it was time to write to tell you how pleased we are with your continued good service. As a resident of Westminster, I was delighted to find a practice of your quality in my area and we remain regular clients.
My treatment for teeth whitening has been a great success and I thank you for your thoroughness in this procedure. I felt at ease with your modern equipment and your efficient assistants. With that now complete, I am visiting your hygienist, Jeffrey, who takes care of my regular checkups in a very professional and enjoyable manner. The high level of cleanliness throughout your practice is always consistent as is the warm welcome we receive from your pleasant staff who have a very personable approach with clients.
With thanks and best wishes to all

Wonderful, relaxing, my best ever dental experience. No sweating terror, just my wonderful beach, warm sun and deep relaxation. This is from someone who has been very nervous of dentists for the past 50 years! I can’t wait for my return visit for the new crown to be fitted without dread!
Thank you so much.

Dear Martina
I was in yesterday for treatment as one of my crowns fell out recently. As always, I was incredibly impressed with your team- Debra and Katie were fantastic – I am so appreciative of the combination of thoughtful patient care and brilliant technical expertise that is a real hallmark of your practice. I know that my teeth are very far from perfect, but I know I am in the very best hands.
With thanks and best wishes to all

Dear Dr Symmons
Just a note to say thank you for looking after me on Saturday, May 20th. You were efficient, and knowledgeable and I am very grateful to you for the advice you offered about my sensitive teeth.
With best wishes to you,

I just wanted to say that I really am delighted with my veneers, the whole process in all honestly, the time and care taken to give me near perfect teeth.
Thanks a million Martina and pass on my thanks to your wonderful technician. He has produced veneers that look so natural, as if they were my own teeth!
See you next week for my final tooth.